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The regulation of cryptocurrencies is “going to be a difficult and lengthy process,” per Kaufmann, who noted the need to strike a balance “between protecting retail participants and allowing the U.K.’s cryptocurrency market to thrive.” He added:
“The race to establish a workable and regulated regime for cryptocurrencies is surely worth winning as their usage becomes more widespread across Europe and globally. The creation of a cryptocurrency trading hub may also have positive knock-on effects for businesses serving these markets, such as brokers, investment banks, and custodians as well as a potential increase in taxrevenues for authorities.”
In September, the Treasury Committee of the House of Commons called for a resolution to certain issues surrounding digital currency such as listing price volatility, poor consumer protection, the risk of hacker attacks, and money laundering. The Committee also urged the FCA to supervise cryptocurrencies, though presently the FCA is not legally enabled to regulate either issuers of digital assets or crypto exchanges.

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